Why Adding White Label Taxi Mobile App Is Significant For Taxi Business?

Your customers can order food from various restaurants and get it delivered by the delivery agents. Entire Order lifecycle can tracked with our food delivery clone script. Our truck booking software is suitable for Logistics, Trucking, Warehousing, Cargo, Transportation, Ocean freight, and Air freight services companies. Customers can search transport by pickup location, pickup date, and delivery location, etc.

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The reason why a taxi booking app development is favorite among taxi business owners is because of the benefit it provides. By investing in a white-label mobile application, brands can improve visibility and consequently increase the number of customers. More importantly, you can expand your online taxi service delivery to a new level with a white-label app developed for your business. Because white labels offer instant booking, making it is easy for users to book a cab that can scale up their business.

A Flexible Solution To Build For Multiple Use Cases

Seamless web dispatcher dashboard crafted for assigned personnel to easily switch between assigning booking requests on demand and monitoring trips in real time. With your own brand identity, quick to market, and great ROI. Our taxi app and dispatcher solution provides extensive reports based on the data gathered from the platform. With an industry-experienced team of business analysts, full-stack engineers and marketing specialists, MotionTools helps taxi businesses and marketplaces unlock their full potential. The passenger dashboard contains the features which users can use in order to book a taxi.

The customers then would inspect the cabs before starting negotiation for the price for hiring. A ride-hailing app will allow the customers to give their feedback about the service they enjoyed. It can be through reviews, ratings and even through comments in the app stores.

We provide free patches for bugs on our core products for a year after purchase. These patches are supplied via GIT pushes to your source code repository. We however don’t do the actual code merge etc for you as that would cost us man hours. https://globalcloudteam.com/ We sign NDA with our clients to ensure we don’t disclose their idea to anybody else. We usually have a product road map and all our products have a rate card that details what features we have on them and what are coming out soon.

White Label Taxi App Development: Flexible Approach To Build Multiple Use Cases

Immediately after a trip ends, TaxiOnGo will ask you to rate your driver from 1 to 5 Stars and give your feedback for the kind of ride you’ve experienced. Receive automatically calculated fare charged for your ride. Allow your customers to transact in their own currencies, because taxiongo supports diverse currencies, you can easily get configured it to the one which you need.

taxi app white lable

Before you purchase Droptaxi, please take time to try the demo app and web admin panel. In case you do have an idea that is not similar to any of our pre-built products we can surely develop something totally custom, from scratch for you. We will try to re-use some of the micro-services and reusable software components to do some rapid application development. Push messages to various drives and customers, registered on the Karry ride-booking software, directly from the admin. View all ride bookings & trips in real time on a map across cities or manually created zones. Manage details of various taxi, carpooling, chauffeur booking services present on your customized cab booking app.

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We use Objective-C, Java, PHP, MongoDB, AngularJS, ReactJS, and much other modern technology based on project requirements. Drivers are provided with a date filter option, which allows them to filter the data according to the trip date. Users can check the real-time status of the driver to know their arrival time through the app. If the rider forgets their login password, then they are allowed with a password recovery option. Users have to pay surge prices decided by admin for the ride during the surge situations. Partners can check request details and have the authority to edit those details to manage it efficiently.

Our Uber Clone has got all the desired solutions that would help transport your taxi on demand business towards new roads of success. So, want to know what goes into making this #1 white label taxi app so unique? taxi app developers Here is what we integrate into building a unique Uber Clone for you. The shift has seen the on-demand side, a push and pulls the relationship between demand and the latest technology should be considered.

We offer an optional corporate module for taxi businesses who provide corporate transportation services. Your corporate clients can make bookings for their employees from a dedicated panel, giving them a better employee travel management experience. This way your business can retain and attract more corporate customers. We not only provide you choice to customise your taxi booking app solution with features and integrations but also how you want to pay for your taxi app development project. The underlying principle behind the white label taxi app solution is simple.

On-demand auto app solution automate your daily operations and dispatch auto to nearby customers. For any business, it is crucial to understand how to generate revenue from a taxi business. In addition, the sustainability of a business depends on consistent income.

Taxiwares Passenger App

Handling the maintenance service of your taxi business all by yourself is definitely gonna cause you much hassle. And for that, you need to hire some system administrator to make sure things fall in place. Before Uber revolutionized the taxi business, taxi owners had to seek out for customers.

This helps your taxi business to generate more rides and more revenues. Need for manual labour is highly reduced and this help taxi businesses a lot. Natural Language processing is at the core of the voice dispatcher so it can detect so many languages globally. Yes, TaxiOnGo is an effective app that adapts itself for small, medium, or large taxi booking companies. It’s customizable in-built features and robust admin panel is a right fit for different sizes of taxi business to fulfil the requirements of the taxi company.

  • All the backend components can be dockerized and clustered.
  • Create zones for your service by drawing polylines on a map and set rates accordingly.
  • The Admin panel has all the features required to control drivers.
  • There may be reasons when smart phone/internet is unavailable this way users can book cabs via phone call and Admin can manually dispatch taxi for users to their pickup location.
  • With a white-label taxi app people and tourists can search you on Google and other search engine.
  • These are customized to fit the brand, fulfill market trends, and survive the fierce competition.

We have made admin the superpower to have complete control over the operations in the runtime. Outstation features allow riders to book longer-distance rides. In addition, riders can book rides for the n-number of days per the rider’s requirements. There were some cases where drivers started the Ride before the rider was picked up, the Driver cheats the riders, and it increased the fare.

White Labelled Solution to ensure the visibility of the brand name and logo of your business all across the app. Contact our team at to get a solution for all your problems. We have a professional team who is always ready to help you and solve your issues at the earliest possible.

Launch Your Branded Uber Like Taxi Booking App

Finally when the trip closes, the passenger is able to rate the driver. Development of a customized app from scratch is highly expensive. You have to invest in research, design, development and test etc.


If you opt for a white-label taxi solution then you don’t need to worry about any maintenance hassles. The company may also provide maintenance and support to the solution for an annual maintenance charge . This allows you to scale your business as the no. of drivers and trips increases. Nowadays, it’s referred to the product developed by the company that can be later rebranded and sold to various companies.

To accomplish the same, the app can now be available in a multi-language format. This can be a helping hand in cases where language could be a potential barrier. If you think you need to pitch your customers in their local language, feel free to convey the message to the taxi app developer and accomplish the same.

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It would be easier for them also as they had already worked on the app and must be knowing in detail about it. Food Delivery App Get a custom on-demand food delivery app development solution that allow customers to order food online. As per the requirements received from various clients, we have made the fare management system flexible and dynamic to change or control everything from the admin panel. Furthermore, the fare calculation is also made transparent by showing it on the screen of the driver app while Ride is on the go. A new age seamless interface and service experience with our taxi app development services. With the white label driver app, drivers can register themselves by a few easy steps.

We are taxi market leaders for clones in delivering digital Mobility Solutions to taxi enterprises and entrepreneurs looking to provide the best customer experience. We curate the Uber Clone Scripts and Uber Clone Apps that you can buy and launch UnicoTaxi product knowing that 100% customization and technical support is there for you. To get your own branded white label taxi app, contact a leading taxi app development company. The Karry taxi software includes an online taxi booking website portal for customers to book from. The online taxi booking portal encompasses most of the functionality of the Karry taxi app such as ride scheduling, driver preferences, wallet recharge, live tracking & more. Automated Voice Dispatcher makes taxi booking so much easier for your customers.

There are two different ways by which you can develop white label applications. If you have purchased the regular license, you will have to pay for setup and installation separately. Extended license buyers have access to free setup and installation, publishing to app stores as well as 3 month technical support. We have taken strong and definitive steps to ensure we don’t step any legal boundaries with any other popular product. We use the word CLONE mostly as a marketing trick and we in NO WAY reverse engineer any app to make our products. We are deeply inspired by the popular apps we create CLONE PRODUCTS off but we by no means acquire any source code from any of these awesome companies and products.

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