The 9th CILS International Law Conference 2018

The 9th CILS International Law Conference 2018



We are pleased to announce that Center for International Law Studies (CILS) of the Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia is holding the 9th CILS International Conference in Malang, Indonesia on 2nd and 3rd October 2018 in collaboration with the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya ( The Universitas Brawijaya is one of the major public universities in Indonesia, based in Malang, East Java. The University was formally inaugurated in 1963. Another important fact of Universitas Brawijaya is that it is located in the Java island of Indonesia which has very rich historical and cultural legacy, as well as surrounded with beautiful highland scenery. We look forward to welcoming you at the conference and value your contribution to the on-going success of this annual conference.


The 9th CILS International Law Conference 2018

The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh CILS International Conferences have been carried out with a great success in 2010 at Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia in Depok, in 2011at Faculty of Law Universitas Gadjahmada in Yogyakarta, in 2012 at Faculty of Law Hasanuddin University in Makassar, in 2013 at Faculty of Law Universitas Syiah Kuala in Aceh, in 2014 at Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia in Depok, in 2015 at Faculty of Law Universitas Airlangga in Surabaya, in 2016 at Faculty of Law Universitas Andalas, Padang, the last CILS Conference in Universitas Tanjungpura Pontianak, West Kalimantan in 2017. Numerous experts from various countries had attended all Conferences and given their invaluable support to its success. It is the intention to launch this very Conference every year in different places in Indonesia where the local Faculty of Law has an interest in developing International Law.

In the year 2018, the CILS Conference will be placed in Malang, Indonesia, particularly at the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya, the renowned public university in western part of Indonesia where the development of international law is also well treated by their respected international law experts. The Conference is therefore continued to serve as a forum of international law stakeholders in Indonesia and beyond to bring together ideas in promoting and developing international law to respond to the growing needs of having strong guiding principles in a borderless world.

This CILS annual international conference is expected to take place every year to mark any international law development. The theme of this year is therefore “Culture and International Law”. Within this broad conference theme, there are five parallel sessions in which will focus on the following sub-themes: (1) Cultural heritage; (2) Cultural rights; (3) Culture & economic activity; (4) culture and armed conflict, and (5) General Topics.



Plenary Session

There will be a Plenary Session on the first day of the Conference where the Invited Speakers consisting of respected international law scholars will give speech and share opinion to the participants regarding “Culture and International Law” as a major theme of the conference itself.


Call for Papers

There will be up to four papers per panel to give presenters and discussants adequate time for fruitful engagement. We encourage participants to focus their papers and address the conference theme and sub-themes. In addition to the general call for individual papers, we would also like to encourage individuals to organize their own panels by coordinating with colleagues. This will allow for the panels to be more cohesive and will also foster greater collaboration between international law stakeholders.


Selection criteria for papers

The papers accepted for presentation at the CILS conference will be based on a competitive selection process. The selection criteria will be as follows:

  • Relevance to the broad theme and sub-theme
  • Quality of the abstract
  • Geographical diversity of presenters
  • Balance between senior and junior presenters

Submissions of individual papers

Participants should first indicate the relevant parallel session, based on the sub-theme that they wish to be included in and second, indicate the general category of their paper.


  • Name of presenter: Mr. A
  • Title of paper: “Customary International Law Protection of Cultural Heritage”
  • Subtheme: Cultural heritage
  • Abstract: Description of paper in not more than 300 words.


The deadline for abstract submission is 15 June 2018.

Submission for panels

The panel organizer should coordinate with the other speakers and take responsibility for that panel, and ensure that all details are provided with the consent of the other speakers. For example:

  • Name of panel coordinator: Ms B
  • Title of panel: Cultural rights from the ASEAN Perspective
  • Subtheme: Cultural rights
  • Title of paper I: “The need of ASEAN-level cultural rights protection”
  • Title of paper II: “Recognition of cultural rights: Lesson learned from Indonesian perspective”
  • Title of paper III: “Myanmar’s reformation and the protection of cultural rights”
  • Abstract: Description of panel in not more than 500 words and description of individual papers in not more than 300 words each.

The proposed panel should consist of minimum 4 presenters, including the panel convener.

The deadline for submission 30 June 2018.


Important Deadlines

  1. Submission of Abstract
    30 June 2018
    Authors will be notified 7 working days after this dateline
  2. Deadline for Early Bird Registration and Payment
    30 August 2018
  3. Submission of Completed Paper
    15 September 2018
  4. Closing date for Registration and Payment
    15 September 2018
  5. Conference
    2 – 3 October 2018




Conference Fees

(include conference package, tea breaks, lunches, and a welcome dinner on Monday,

2nd October 2018)

Early Bird Rate

(Before 30

August 2018)

Normal Rate

(After 30 August 2018)

Speaker USD 200

per person



USD 250

per person



USD 350

per person


USD 400

per person



  1. Non Speaker
  2. Student
USD 75

per person

Additional Welcome Dinner Ticket for

Accompanying persons

USD 30

per person

Optional side event: Malang’s City Trip (include transportations, lunches, and entry tickets)

Wednesday, 4th October 2018

USD 50

per person


(Please note that NO refunds of full / partial conference fees and optional dinner will be entertained if requests are made after 5 September 2018)

Participants are responsible for their own accommodation and flight arrangements. You are advised to make these arrangements by before October 2018 to avoid any disappointment in hotel guestroom or air-ticket availability. The nearby-suggested hotels to the venue are:

  • Swissbel-inn Malang
    Address: Jalan Veteran No.8A, Penanggungan, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65145
    Phone: +62-341-550368


Please transfer/wire the conference fees to Mandiri Bank, Depok UI Branch, Indonesia. Payable to Lembaga Pengkajian Hukum Internasional, a/c: 1570006122841 (Routing Number/Swift Code: BMRIIDJA) and fax the copy of bank transfer (mention your name, institution, and e-mail address) to 62-21-7871617 and email to

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Austria Germany Mexico Sweden
Belgium Greece Netherlands Switzerland
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Chile Israel Norway United Kingdom
Czech Republic Ireland Poland United States
Denmark Italy Portugal
Estonia Japan Slovak Republic
Finland Korea Slovenia



This conference is co-organized by University of Indonesia and Brawijaya University, focusing on Culture and International Law.



Prof. Melda Kamil Ariadno, SH., LLM., PhD.
Dr. Rachmad Safa’at, SH., MSi.
Dr. Prija Djatmika, SH., MH.
Dr. Iwan Permadi, SH., MH.
Arie Afriansyah, SH., MIL., PhD.
Hanif Nur Widhiyanti, SH., MHum., PhD.




Adi Kusumaningrum

1. Ikaningtyas
2. AAA. Nanda Saraswati
3. Hikmatul Ula
4. Agis Ardhiansyah
5. Doni Prasetya
6. Yasniar Rachmawati Madjid
7. Fransiska Ayulistya
8. Reka Dewantara
9. Prisca Listiningrum
10. Dwi Yono
11. Yolanda Kumalasari
12. Ahmad Eko Syarifudin
13. Eko Slamet
14. Diah Pawestri
15. Airin Liemanto
1. Anbar Jayadi
2. Dita Liliansa
3. Alif Nurfakhri Muhammad
4. Rizky Banyualam Permana
5. Jeremia Humolong Prasetya
6. Adelia Putri Zulkarnain
7. Afif Al Ghani Yoneva
8. Bela Titis Gantika P
9. Mawar Fitriany
10. Kadek Wahyu Adi Pratama
11. Marcelino H. Latuputty
12. Putri Rachelia Azzura
13. Syarifa aya savirra
14. Fitriani Marfuah Permanasari
15. Aristyo Rizka Darmawan




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