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It provides a fully functional reviewing system for agencies, enabling them to view and review submission data directly within a web browser. With no need for client software, the agency solution is the ideal solution for collaborative working between agency staff and external assessors where IT resources may be limited. Depending on your system specifications, the agency solution can be installed and validated within a matter of days. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface is equipped with integrated, context-sensitive online help that ensures ease of adoption amongst your users and minimizes the need for expensive structured training sessions. Supporting distributed workforces with many hundreds of users, the agency solution is an extremely scalable solution. STASIS EURO produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store STASIS EURO on your computer.

  • SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — STASIS, a trailblazer in issuing euro-backed stablecoins and the company behind EURS, has recently achieved a significant milestone by integrating with the Stellar blockchain.
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  • Because of its compliance to the ERC-20 token standard, it can be used like any other token on Ethereum.
  • The EURS system also offers on-demand verification for any onboarded entity through their proprietary STASIS platform.

The team behind STATIS consists of financial experts, serial entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts. According to Crunchbase, the key figures are Gregory Klumov (CEO), Anatoliy Knyazev (CTO) and Vyacheslav Kim (CFO). Headquartered in Malta since 2012, STASIS EURO has been cooperating with the Government of Malta on the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. Reviewing large volumes of data for compliance takes a lot of time without dedicated tools and processes.

General Business Overview

EURS can be sent, spent, held, and traded around the globe 24/7, with low-cost, near-instant transactions. The introduction of EURS, known as STASIS EURO, to Stellar’s ecosystem, addresses the pressing issue of cryptocurrency volatility. By offering a stablecoin option, EURS provides a reliable medium for daily transactions, appealing to clients in the Eurozone and a global audience.

Between 2021 and 2022, EURS launched on blockchains other than Ethereum (including Polygon, Algorand, and Ripple), and a second version of the token (EURS v2.0) was launched. Per the company’s announcement, the cost of transactions was expected to be reduced by 20-35% with the improved smart contract code. The EURS Network is a comprehensive ecosystem uniting regulated digital asset players and empowering users with a comprehensive suite of digital tools to manage stablecoins. This interconnected network serves as a hub that streamlines 24/7 crypto-fiat exchanges, enhancing EURS usability. Businesses and developers can leverage the global euro digital currency with the speed, affordability, and reliability of the Stellar network.

With a successful history spanning over five years, EURS caters to a diverse clientele, including businesses, traders, and merchants. Its backing by international partners and its adoption in 175 countries underscore its standing as a premier choice in the stablecoin market. The introduction of STASIS EURO or EURS to the Stellar network is a timely response to this need, offering a market-tested and dependable option amidst the market’s ups and downs not only to Eurozone clients but globally. EURS primarily exists as an Ethereum-based token that can be used across crypto applications for decentralized finance (DeFi) or storing and transferring value between parties. Because of its compliance to the ERC-20 token standard, it can be used like any other token on Ethereum. Though many use fiat-pegged stablecoins as a way to trade cryptocurrencies against traditional fiat currencies on centralized or decentralized exchanges, this is not necessarily their only use.

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Since its launch, EURC has seen considerable adoption, with notable implementations such as its integration into Ripio, a leading Latin American cryptocurrency exchange. This move has stimulated growth in the European cryptocurrency market and bolstered Bitcoin usage. Purchasing a new EXTEDO application is the first step to streamlining business and regulatory processes within your organization.

Business Technology

However, ensuring correct installation, implementation and integration is a crucial step in the process of deploying your new solution. To ensure you get the most out of your purchased solution, we offer detailed training for each product within the EXTEDOpulse solution portfolio. Training sessions are tailored to your individual needs and cover a broad range of technical and regulatory topics. Designed to educate you on how to utilize your EXTEDO solution, our training sessions are conducted either in-house or onsite. If you need online access to previously submitted electronic dossiers, then EXTEDO’s agency solution is the answer.


The EURS stablecoin integration marks the first of many plans the XDC Network has to cultivate a diverse stablecoin ecosystem. It recently partnered with Tradeteq, a technology and software provider for the trade finance industry. Together, the pair aims to launch the world’s first Stablecoin backed by a basket of tangible and well-established trade finance instruments. Tailored specifically to the needs of regulatory and related stakeholders, EXTEDO’s business process and regulatory consulting services are designed to support you during and after your eCTD submissions. Through a series of workshops, our team of experienced consultants will establish your business needs, understand your processes, and help you to define the most appropriate implementation approach. Klumov is a tech entrepreneur specializing in alternative asset management and the development of complex business multi-strategies.

He started out in IT, established a high-speed Internet Service Provider (ISP) called BNET at a young age, then moved into finance and later entered the crypto sector during the emergence of Bitcoin. As a centralized issuer of a stablecoin, STASIS provides multiple forms of proof that it can truly back all EURS in circulation. The company releases a daily statement of its assets and undergoes quarterly verifications and annual audits by the auditing firm BDO Malta.

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In parallel, Circle and the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) have unveiled the European Reserve Currency (EURC) on the Stellar network. Mirroring the USDC model, the EURC maintains parity with the Euro and secures its value with tangible reserves. This innovative Euro-denominated digital currency will revolutionize business and development operations by offering a stable, reliable, and cost-effective medium for transactions. STASIS’ EURO has cemented its position as a leading asset in the euro stablecoin segment.

STASIS EURO (EURS) Price Chart for Friday, December, 29, 2023

In 2020, STASIS announced a new wallet that offered traditional financial institutions novel access to cryptocurrencies. In 2021, the EURS token saw significant gains in market capitalization when more institutional investors were reportedly showing interest in the space and the economic recovery from the pandemic was in full swing. The company issues and manages EURS, a legal euro stablecoin, accessible in 175 countries and audited by BDO, one of the most renowned auditors in the world. It is no stretch to acknowledge that stablecoins have added fuel to the excitement around cryptocurrencies as financial tools. They are the most direct link between the crypto community and the world of traditional finance since most stablecoins are linked (or “pegged”) to fiat currencies.

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